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Deserializing the JSON format

Mar 3, 2009 at 4:47 PM
Edited Mar 3, 2009 at 4:47 PM
Hi forum users,
I am working with windows mobile. server sends the data in JSON format which i given below. pls recommend me json parsor for the Windows mobile compact framework for .net c#. I searched in net, but i cant find any gud sample code how to deserialize the given json format . for example in below JSON format i need to extract the name ISHA, DAN, JOHN... pls provide me suggestion and gud sample code to deserialize the JSON format .

{"records": [{"c": 1, "tagid": "0011CC", "label": "dan (1)", "R": 148.0, "y": 113.0, "x": 155.0, "id": 2}, {"c": 6, "tagid": "0010A3", "label": " isha (6)", "R": 172.0, "y": 277.0, "x": 214.0, "id": 4}, {"c": 6, "tagid": "00106F", "label": "john(6)", "R": 274.0, "y": 262.0, "x": 351.0, "id": 6}], "ids": [2, 4, 6]}

Thnaks in advance