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Json Serialization

Nov 14, 2011 at 11:36 AM

Hi all,

I have a json serialization object and I wanted to know if the serialization is dan by the constructor or by the access methods.

I will explain:

I read some spfieldlookupValue(sharepoint object that contains : lookupid and lookupvalue)  object from sharepoint list , and I serialized them into a json file.

But when I try to read it from the file  the lookupValue field didn't contained data.

I did a little check and discoverd that the lookupValue access methods is a protected setter and only the classes that inherit this class can set new value to this field.

How ever one of the constructors enables to send this value as paramter .

So my question  is this :

Is the serialization is dan from the constructor , or first the object created with empty constrcutor and than the paramter are send to the object?

Is there a way to workaround it without creating my own object that inherit the spfiledlookupvalue object ?


Kind regards,

Tal Humy