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serializing an object give null value



i have dynamicvalue class. using this class i created one dynamivalue and try to convert to string using JsonConvert.SerializeObject(object) method.but it gives partial output .the code following..

for dynamicvalue check out it here
DynamicValue a = "new";
            DynamicValue inputdynamicvalue = new DynamicValue();
            inputdynamicvalue.Add("a", a);
the resulting dynamic value will be like this inputdynamicvalue = {"a":"new"}

when i tried to serialize i didn't get the value
   string Result=   JsonConvert.SerializeObject(inputdynamicvalue);
i got result like this Result={"a":{}}

i expected result is Result={"a":"new"}

why it is not serializing ..?why it is giving empty...?help appreciated...
Closed Jul 3, 2013 at 12:58 AM by JamesNK
DynamicValue appears to be in Microsoft.Activities.dll and it is no longer publicly available. You'll likely have to write a JsonConverter to get it to serialize correctly.