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Property marked new in subclass does not get serialized


Properties in subclasses are ignored if there is a property with the same name in the base class.

Modifed the ChildDataContractTest sligtly (from line 4408):
    public class BaseDataContract
      [DataMember(Name = "virtualMember")]
      public virtual string VirtualMember { get; set; }

      [DataMember(Name = "nonVirtualMember")]
      public string NonVirtualMember { get; set; }

      public virtual object NewMember { get; set; }

    public class ChildDataContract : BaseDataContract
      [DataMember(Name = "NewMember")]
      public virtual new string NewMember { get; set; }
      public override string VirtualMember { get; set; }
      public string AddedMember { get; set; }

    public void ChildDataContractTest()
      var cc = new ChildDataContract
          VirtualMember = "VirtualMember!",
          NonVirtualMember = "NonVirtualMember!",
          NewMember = "NewMember!"

      string result = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(cc);
      Assert.AreEqual(@"{""NewMember"":""NewMember!"",""virtualMember"":""VirtualMember!"",""nonVirtualMember"":""NonVirtualMember!""}", result);
The property is filtered away in ReflectionUtils.GetFieldsAndProperties. If this method just returns all properties this works, but I guess this can have side effects? I did this change and all tests run fine.

I came across this when serializing a model which we us in WCF. The base type has a property of type object (which can not be serialized by WCF), while the subclass overrides this with an actual type and is marked with the DataMember attribute.
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