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4.5 Release 11 binaries not correct


At least for the .NET 3.5 version.

Was looking at an issue with decimals yesterday so tried the new version and it din't appear to work, hence a few posts I made in another thread.
Then, when debugged into it using the source it worked fine.

I thought I'd inadvertently referenced the old version, and wasted a few hours of my life, but no, it appears I wasn't going mad, since pushed the update to 4.5r11 to our repos this morning and have just seen the error again.
Replacing the binaries with my own versions built from source work as expected.

(Attaching my release built versions for inspection if useful to anyone).


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Closed Jan 5, 2013 at 10:31 AM by JamesNK
I got 1234567890.123456 with both the NuGet r11 .NET 3.5 dll and the one you attached. I've added it as a unit test just in case.


westy wrote Jan 4, 2013 at 9:54 AM

To demonstrate, try the following, both with the released version and the built version.
        JsonTextReader reader = new JsonTextReader(new StringReader("1234567890.123456"));
        var settings = new JsonSerializerSettings();
        var serialiser = JsonSerializer.Create(settings);
        decimal? d = serialiser.Deserialize<decimal?>(reader);
One gives 1234567890.12346 rather than 1234567890.123456.

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