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Serialize Guid as binary field with subtype UUID (0x04) when using BsonWriter


In version 4.5, using BsonWriter results in having a Guid written as a string.This is wrong, as per the specification: type should be binary (\0x05) with a subtype of (\0x04) which is for a UUID, which by definition ( is:A UUID is a 16-octet (128-bit) number...The same as a Guid in .NET).See the following example:[TestMethod]public void TestMethod1(){ var source = new { myUuid = Guid.NewGuid(), }; using (var buffer = new MemoryStream()) using (var writer = new BsonWriter(buffer)) { var serializer = new JsonSerializer(); serializer.Serialize(writer, source); byte[] myBson = buffer.ToArray(); }}Note myUuid is written as a string at index 12 on.This was discovered on Stack Overflow: part that needs to be changed on BsonWriter (and the BsonReader will possibly have to be updated as well) is: public override void WriteValue(Guid value) { base.WriteValue(value); this.AddToken((BsonToken) new BsonString((object) value.ToString(), true)); }
Closed Apr 7, 2013 at 4:14 AM by JamesNK