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Json.NET 4.0 Release 3

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Downloads: 27760
Change Set: 63289
Released: Oct 1, 2011
Updated: Oct 2, 2011 by JamesNK
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Release Notes

  • New feature - Improved support for deserializing objects using non-default constructors
  • New feature - JsonConverterAttribute now allowed on constructor parameters
  • New feature - JsonPropertyAttribute now allowed on constructor parameters
  • New feature - Added Serializable attribute to exceptions
  • New feature - JsonObject and JsonProperty attributes can now be placed on an interface and used when serializing implementing objects
  • New feature - Improve TypeNameHandling.Auto to skip adding an unneeded type name for collection interfaces
  • New feature - LINQ to JSON internals rewritten to use lists and dictionaries rather than linked lists
  • New feature - Added support for deserializing to readonly collections and dictionaries on classes with non-default constructors
  • New feature - Added serialization constructors to all Exceptions
  • New feature - Added support for serialization event attributes on base classes
  • New feature - Added support for BindToName on SerializationBinder
  • New feature - Missing JSON errors can now be handled using JsonSerializer error handling
  • New feature - Added Populate and IgnoreAndPopulate options to DefaultValueHandling for automatically populating default values during deserialization
  • New feature - Added support for setting readonly fields when marked up with JsonPropertyAttribute
  • New feature - Added Order to JsonPropertyAttribute to override the order of serialized JSON
  • New feature - Added Culture to JsonTextReader to use when converting values from JSON text
  • New feature - Added support for reading byte arrays from JSON integer arrays
  • New feature - Added support for deserializing IDictionary properties
  • New feature - Added ToObject to JToken for deserializing LINQ to JSON objects to a .NET object
  • New feature - Added support for Guid, TimeSpan and Uri to LINQ to JSON
  • Change - Changed WriteEndObject, WriteEndArray, WriteEndConstructor on JsonWriter to be virtual
  • Change - Moved JPropertyDescriptor to Newtonsoft.Json.Linq namespace
  • Change - Additional content after the $ref property now ignored when reading schema references
  • Change - Changed JToken.Children to return an empty iterator rather than erroring
  • Change - Changed the assembly file names to all be Newtonsoft.Json.dll to fix NuGet referencing
  • Change - Changed $id and $ref properties to allow null
  • Fix - Changed .NET 2.0 version to use LinqBridge source code rather than ilmerge to fix error
  • Fix - Fixed deserializing to IEnumerable<T> properties
  • Fix - Fixed DataTable and DataColumn names not being modified by CamelCasePropertyNamesContractResolver
  • Fix - Fixed JObject loading JSON with comments
  • Fix - Fixed error when using a Specified property with no setter
  • Fix - Fixed transient constructor error on Windows Phone 7
  • Fix - Fixed deserializing null values into nullable generic dictionaries
  • Fix - Fixed potential casting error when writing JSON using a JsonReader
  • Fix - Fixed converting emtpy XML elements with an array attribute not writing other attributes
  • Fix - Fixed deserializing null values into DataTables
  • Fix - Fixed error when deserializing readonly IEnumerable<T> array properties
  • Fix - Fixed not including type name for byte[] values
  • Fix - Fixed BsonWriter failing silently when writing values outside of an Object or Array
  • Fix - Fixed serializer attempting to use dynamic code generation in partial trust
  • Fix - Fixed serializing objects with DataContract and DataMember attributes on base classes

Reviews for this release

goood release
by assem on Mar 26, 2013 at 11:15 PM
it's great!
by momoandpp on Nov 1, 2011 at 3:35 PM
Excellent library - I particularly found the dynamic features and the ability to read and write JSON to and from Streams very strong.
by ploeh on Oct 7, 2011 at 7:21 PM