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Json.NET 4.0 Release 1

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Reviewed:  6 reviews
Downloads: 32070
Change Set: 56794
Released: Jan 3, 2011
Updated: Jan 4, 2011 by JamesNK
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Application Json.NET 4.0 Release 1 (source + binary + documentation)
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Release Notes

  • New feature - Added Windows Phone 7 project
  • New feature - Added dynamic support to LINQ to JSON
  • New feature - Added dynamic support to serializer
  • New feature - Added INotifyCollectionChanged to JContainer in .NET 4 build
  • New feature - Added ReadAsDateTimeOffset to JsonReader
  • New feature - Added ReadAsDecimal to JsonReader
  • New feature - Added covariance to IJEnumerable type parameter
  • New feature - Added XmlSerializer style Specified property support
  • New feature - Added support for deserializing to JToken
  • New feature - Added CamelCaseText flag to StringEnumConverter
  • New feature - Added WriteArrayAttribute to XmlNodeConverter to include an attribute to help round tripping JSON and XML
  • New feature - Added OmitRootObject to XmlNodeConverter to skip writing the root JSON object when converting XML
  • New feature - Added DeepClone and ICloneable implementation to JToken
  • New feature - Added JSON schema PatternProperties, ExclusiveMinimum and ExclusiveMaximum for JSON schema spec 3
  • New feature - Added .NET 3.5 project
  • Change - Updated source code to VS2010
  • Change - Updated main project to .NET 4
  • Change – Updated Silverlight project to Silverlight 4
  • Change - ICustomTypeDescriptor implementation moved to JObject
  • Change - Improved error message when converting JSON with an empty property to XML
  • Change - JSON schema Required replaced with Optional, as defined in JSON schema spec 3
  • Change - JSON schema MaxDecimals replaced with DivisibleBy, as defined in JSON schema spec 3
  • Remove - Compact Framework project removed. Compact Framework is not supported in VS2010
  • Remove - JTypeDescriptionProvider and JTypeDesciptor removed
  • Fix - BSON writing of binary values fixed. Added JsonNet35BinaryCompatibility flag for reading existing incorrect BSON binary values
  • Fix - Timezone information no longer lost when deserializing DateTimeOffsets
  • Fix – Decimal precision no longer lost when deserializing decimals
  • Fix - SelectToken no longer skips the last project name when it is a single character
  • Fix – Deserializing structs correctly set when reusing existing values is true
  • Fix – Private getter/setters on base classes are now correctly accessible
  • Fix – Nullable structs correctly deserialize
  • Fix - JSON Schema option label now written correctly
  • Fix – Deserializing a DataSet when it is a property of another object no longer breaks
  • Fix - JToken Load and Parse methods now check that content is complete

Reviews for this release

After looking at several frameworks, I went with Json.NET. I found that the API seems obvious when doing simple things (this is not easy...this is nice design) yet flexible enough to do complex things. Also, the project is actively maintained...bugs are fixed quickly. Very impressive. Thanks.
by Frank235711 on Apr 12, 2011 at 4:16 PM
Excellent library! Easy-to-use, flexible and well-documented. Thanks.
by omlin on Apr 11, 2011 at 1:00 AM
Best JSON tool around.
by youngcm2 on Apr 8, 2011 at 8:29 PM
JSON.NET really simplified the process of building out my own robust Windows Phone app. Thank you.
by jeffwilcox on Mar 8, 2011 at 8:18 AM
usefull project. i love open source :) thank you.
by bykinag on Mar 5, 2011 at 8:11 PM
Great library as always. Keep it up, keep it simple and thanks for your hard work!
by MrTyzik on Jan 31, 2011 at 4:14 PM