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Marking dll as required for distribution ... or something

Oct 29, 2012 at 9:59 AM

First of all, been to stackoverflow and asked there, no replies.

Gonna explain the situation briefly. Newtonsoft.Json.dll has become almost an integral part of a business framework that I code for one of my clients.

It also makes heavy references to nsoftware and usage of PostSharp.

Now ... when I build the framework and then reference the framework in an WinForms, MVC, Silverlight or whatever application, nsoftware and PostShap dll's are automatically included with the framework.

The only thing I have no managed is to find a way ( I bet there is ) to also mark Newtonsoft.Json.dll as "required" and that it is also required other then including a reference to it by the referencing app(s).
Most of the time however these application themselves do not use it and when I forget, and I do, then the distribution package lacks the Newtonsoft.Json.dll.

I just can't seem to find a way to mark as "required" ... maybe here somebody can help me with that since stackoverflow did not produce any answer.

Yes, checked that Copy Local is set to "True" and whatever not.

In one word "Halp !"