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A JSON implementation for SQLCLR Solution

Oct 1, 2012 at 5:23 AM


I know that in SQLCLR "System.Runtime.Serialization" implementation is not present.

However, just curious, to know if JSON.NET has a provision to create a SQLCLR solution and register with MSSQL



1. My .NET app Creates a JSON message

2. The app post OR send JSON message asynchronously to SQL.

3. SQLCLR function executes picks JSON message.

4. de-serialize OR transform  JSON message to SQL understandable object (think of type table or temporary table or variable)

5. My SQL script (in function / stored procedure) finally perform require action.. (insert/update/delete, etc).


I know same can be done through a .NET service which de-serialize JSON and do what SQL Script (function/SP) can do..

But I was thinking if I can use SQLCLR would be great....

Just to add, "System.XML.XMLSerialization" exists in SQLCLR so I have already done same (as mentioned above) with XML formatted message.

Just wanted to check if there is any solution for  JSON... too...?

Thanks in Advance