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Remove double quote only when inside another double quote (VB.NET)

Aug 19, 2012 at 11:26 PM

I'm using the library JSON.NET to bring a JSON string from the web, but the problem is that I get a double quote within a string.

the string that comes from the web is as follows

{"accionObjeto":"post","accionTipo":"comentario","ts":"02:48:55","nick":"seba123neo","userId":"1180918","id":15521634,"accion_name":"Hola","url":"","titulo":"Hola como" estas"}

the string is perfect except the end.

here is the problem

"titulo":"Hola como" estas"

I have to remove that double quote, because otherwise the JSON is "invalid"

Dim googleSearch As JObject = JObject.Parse(strSource) 'Error here

I've looked everywhere but can not find how to do this, I need only to erase the double quote, but not erase all other quotes in the entire string.

Thanks for your help.