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Serializing and Deserializing by a base class

Jun 25, 2012 at 11:13 PM

Is it possible to serialize an object and include type information if it is not of the specific base type?

An example


public class A {
	public string Name;
public class B : A {
	public int Age;


Here we have a base class and a subclass.

If I where to serialize an instance

var a = new A { Name = "A" };
var b = new B { Name = "B", Age = 10 };

//writes {"Name":"A"}
//writes {"Age":10,"Name":"B"}

We get the result above. I can use JsonSettings and setting TypeNameHandling to Objects  and get type information.

{"$type":"MyProj.B, MyProj","Age":10,"Name":"B"}

In this case I don't want to have type info on all objects (I like the Auto handling) but when I serialize/deserialize a subclass I would like the type attribute populated in the json object.


//should generate {"Name":"A"}

//should generate {"$type":"MyProj.B, MyProj","Name":"B", "Age":10}

Both of these should then be deserialized using

And return a instance of an A or B class based on the type information.

Is this already possible today by using some other way?