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Feb 10, 2012 at 8:59 AM

Hi - would you consider implementing a JObject.TryParse method?

Currently I am only concerned with parsing valid json and I don't care what is wrong with it (it is processing incoming data on a webscokets server) because if it isn't valid - it'll be ignored.

I'm going to use something like this to bypass for now:

        private bool TryParseData(String data, out JObject result)
            bool parseResult = false;
            JObject json = null;

                json = JObject.Parse(data);
                parseResult = true;
            catch (Exception)
                //Log it

            result = json;
            return parseResult;


I would be neat if the JObject provided it out of the box. It is usual (in the dotnet framework at least) to provide a TryParse wherever there is a Parse.