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Issue in deserializing dateTime for .NET CF

Jun 22, 2011 at 3:26 PM

I'm developing a windows mobile application using .NET CF 3.5

This application connects to a web application and retrieves json data, this data includes DateTime, DateTime is always saved and sent as UTC. both mobile and web applications use [Newtonsoft Json] for serializing and deserializing the data.

At the mobile application, when it deserialize the DateTime, it adds one hour [+1:00] to the time!. My assumption is: it refers to the device's Timing configurations [Time Zone, Country, DayLight Saving] then it switches the time to "LocalTime" then brings it back to "UTC time" without the [DayLight Saving] additional one hour!. This assumption is very weak, but this is the nearest one, because I noticed that the time after conversion changes with each change I made in the Timing settings in the device.

Can anyone help me? maybe if I understand the mechanism that is used in deserializing the dateTime, that would help.


Andy Harvey