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Deserialization JSON string, best way

Nov 13, 2010 at 7:33 PM

Hi, I am helpless, I need deserialize JSON string in this format to class.

JSON string



public class User
public string idUser{get;set;}
public string nick{get;set;}
public string sefNick{get;set;}
public string sex{get;set;}
public string photon{get;set;}
public string photos{get;set;}
public bool logged{get;set;}
public int idChat{get;set;}
public string roomName{get;set;}
public string updated{get;set;}

First problem is, class properties must be lower case, and second problem is I try many ways but I don’t know how cut json object from this json string and deserialize in class. Any ides? Thank for any help.

One more question, what format would have c# class, if I want deserialize this json string into it.