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DefaultValueHandling.Ignore and booleans

Aug 4, 2010 at 10:23 AM


I am using 3.5 release 7 and have noticed that I can't get the example for default value handling to work.

Using the below code in a unit test the Paid property is always emitted in the serialized string.


            Invoice invoice = new Invoice
                Company = "Acme Ltd.",
                Amount = 50.0m,
                Paid = false,
                FollowUpDays = 30,
                FollowUpEmailAddress = string.Empty,
                PaidDate = null

            string test = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(invoice, Formatting.None,
                                                      new JsonSerializerSettings
                                                          {DefaultValueHandling = DefaultValueHandling.Ignore});



    public class Invoice
        public string Company { getset; }
        public decimal Amount { getset; }

        // false is default value of bool
        public bool Paid { getset; }
        // null is default value of nullable
        public DateTime? PaidDate { getset; }

        // customize default values
        public int FollowUpDays { getset; }
        public string FollowUpEmailAddress { getset; }


The result is: "{"Company":"Acme Ltd.","Amount":50.0,"Paid":false}"


If I add a DefaultValue(false) attribute to the Paid property it then doesn't emit the value, but it's not doing what I expect... am I missing something? Do I have to decorate each property with the DefaultValue attribute?