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HTML content in JSON

Mar 16, 2010 at 10:37 PM
Edited Mar 16, 2010 at 10:45 PM
Hi James,

Congratulations! Great work and the release 3.5r6 is very better (fast), i using in my application, there performance ir very critical.

James, one against time:

I deserialize the content:

  "MessageId": "25ea4b36-671f-43ec-80b3-3f7138fccdb7",
  "Title": "Buzz de Ciro Heiffig",
  "Content": "
<div><img src="\/photos\/public\/AIbEiAIAAABECMm73eH30P7nwQEiC3ZjYXJkX3Bob3RvKig3ZmUwZWI0ZjI4Y2Q2MWExNzI5OTQzMWE4NjNjNDUzYWJlNGI2MmM4MAF5m5KqX6J6-m7ObsiVNaSynpH4tA" width="96" height="96" alt=""><span style="font-weight:bold">Ciro Heiffig<\/span><span style="color:grey">&nbsp;&ndash;&nbsp;Google Reader<\/span><span style="color:grey">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;14\/03\/2010<\/span><\/div><div style="padding-top:10px"><a href="http:\/\/\/~r\/JoshuaSchachter\/~3\/U49JXv9VlSE\/blogging-tools.html"><b>blogging tools<\/b><\/a> - <a href="http:\/\/\/" class="ot-origin-anchor">joshua&#39;s blog<\/a><\/div><div style="padding-top:10px"><p>I haven&#39;t really written anything for this blog in a while.<\/p>

<p>It occurs to me that the tools we have available each do a large variety of things, and that there&#39;s no good reason for these functions to be bound together into one application. For example, Maciej&#39;s recent article on <a href="http:\/\/\/2009\/09\/how_to_not_get_your_blog_hacked.htm">why not to have a public of Wordpress<\/a> (and <a href="http:\/\/\/2009\/09\/using_wordpress_to_generate_flat_files.htm">more details<\/a>) shows that serving the website and editing it can be very separate pieces. The original ancient Blogger software also used to push a copy up to your site via FTP.<\/p>

<p>There are a number of separable pieces in the system:<\/p>

<p>What else have I left out?<\/p><\/div><div style="padding-top:15px">Link to this post:<br>http:\/\/\/buzz\/113965656429310729673\/JXZm53hDt6x\/blogging-tools-joshuas-blog<\/div>
  "MemberSend": {
    "MemberId": "28f3ea0c-dd7a-4acf-b306-822ab082198e"
  "MemberReceive": {
    "MemberId": "28f3ea0c-dd7a-4acf-b306-822ab082198e"
  "CreateAt": "/Date(-62135589600000-0200)/"

And get the error: "After parsing a value an unexpected character was encoutered: \. Line 5, position 16."

I noticed that this happens because of the character "present in the HTML, but I'll always have content from this genre.

What do you suggest I do to deserialize to class?

Very thanks!


Ciro Heiffig